OOTD // Stripes

Jacket Vintage
Dress Primark
Boots Primark

I love the combination of tan and monochrome. I love these boots, they have an excellent amount of going up the leg-age. On another note, here are three things that are annoying me: 

1. I've just realised when editing these pics that the fringing is coming off of this jacket - whoops! My dad clearly didn't do a very good job of gluing it on. You just cannot get the staff. (Just joking dad, I'm very grateful for you, your tool shed and your willingness to do my tasks) 

2. I went to see my nan today and there was a van parked outside that said on it 'No job to big or to small'. Is this just the world we live in now, that grammar and spelling are thrown out of the window?!?  

3. I'm also sick of the weather and constantly being cold then warm for a bit then cold again when I need to go outside or even just to the bathroom. I would like to live in a country where it's a pleasant temperature 3 seasons of the year and then hotter in the summer so I can get a banging tan. Is that so much to ask? 

Faye x

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  1. I didn't even notice the fringing until you mentioned it! I love the dress, so cute!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x