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When he was alone and bereft without me in Dubai, my boyfriend took up running to cure his crippling loneliness. He even did a 10K - that's how much he missed me. Haha. Now we are reunited, he has carried on with the running and has even convinced me to join him (#fitfam). 

Seeing as I usually tend to exercise in what can really only be described as glorified pyjamas, I thought it was time I got myself some new workout stuff (is it just me that feels the need to come over all mum and say workout 'gear'?) so I look  red faced and sweaty super cool pounding the mean streets of Bristol. I picked up all the above in Primark and I have to say I'm super impressed. 

I thought I'd go for mostly neon as I love it secretly and why not go all out? I enjoy the little details like the zip in the back of the leggings for a key, the little gap for your thumbs on the top and most of all the back of the bra - so cool! The only qualm I do have is that the vests do have the tendency to start creeping up as you run which can be kinda annoying, but I think that would be the case for any tight top to be honest. They are fine for doing low intensity exercise like yoga etc. The best part is that each bit cost less than £15! 

The yoga mat pictured above was in my stocking from my mum which I love because it's the kind of thing I wanted but prob wouldn't have bought myself - perfect! It did make me laugh when I opened it as it's actually called an 'inspiration' mat and has a tree printed on it with various 'inspirational' words including 'namaste'. LOL. 

Faye x

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