5 Reasons I heart Ethos Restaurant, London

 Last week my boyfriend and I had lunch with our friend at Ethos in London and I very much fell in love with it. Here's why:
  1. It's a buffet where everything is vegetarian/vegan. These two things put together = my dream.
  2. Said food is absolutely delicious. Special mention goes to the pumpkin, parsnip and cranberry festive scotch egg. I see you *fist bump emoji*.
  3. They have gold pineapples and gold turnips dotted about and the Christmas decor is very minimal. I'm all about the scandi Christmas. 
  4. The tables are marble aka blogger crack. 
  5. It's off of Oxford Street, so just minutes after lunch you could be in Topshop. 
To sum up, if you find yourself hungry and wandering around central London, pop yourself into Ethos for a jolly good time. 

Faye x

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