15 Reasons Why I Loved 2015

I did a 14 things I loved about 2014 last year and got some lovely comments so I thought I'd do the same this year - 15 reasons why I loved 2015, both big and small.

  •  I had an adventure in Dubai with my boyfriend which had its ups and downs but I met some amazing people and I'll never forget it.
  •  I lived on the 58th floor of one of the highest residential buildings in the world and had a view of the ocean everyday.
  • I saw a camel IRL.   
  • I was a bridesmaid twice for two of my beautiful friends - both very emotional days which made me both excited and scared for my own wedding!
  • I found out my sister was not only pregnant but also engaged. 
  • My little blog continued to grow. 
  • I returned to the UK and appreciate it more than ever (saying this through gritted teeth right now as it's been raining non stop for about 2 weeks!) 
  • I spent most of the year with a tan - I now pretty much have no tan lines left :'( 
  • I got balayage in my hair - sounds like no big deal but I NEVER dye my hair!
  • I had some amazing meals in Michelin starred restaurants, including the best potato dauphinoise I've ever eaten!
  • Having been rubbish at saving most of my life, me and my boyfriend managed to save money for our wedding.
  • I got to go shopping for a wedding dress - it was stressful at times but lovely to bond with my mum. 
  • I jumped from a boat into the sea and spent the afternoon on a private island.
  • I did yoga on the beach and discovered I really like it.
  • I was in a job out of my comfort zone which was challenging but taught me a lot.
Here's to 2016! 


  1. This sounds like a good post series to do every year end, lol. Your 2015 looks amazing. I wish I could go to Dubai and see a camel live. Happy 2016!!

    Love, Richel. | Richel Goes Places

    1. Thank you - Happy 2016 to you too! I hope you get to go to Dubai :)

      Faye x

  2. Happy New Year! You accomplished lots and it sounds like an eventful year. Here's to an even better 2016 - as a WIFEY!

    T x

    1. Happy New Year to you too - I know how exciting, and for you too! x