Lately #8

1. Got myself this beaut of a mac - I absolutely love it and it gives a grown-up polished finish to an outfit. 

2. My friend Lauren gave me this YSL nail polish (best gift ever) and I think it's such a pretty shade - plus the packaging = *heart eyes emoji*.

3. Completely missed autumn last year because I was in Dubai. and I forgot how delightful all the leaves and colours were.

4. Me and the boyf went for one last brunch before I left the desert - he's still there at the mo and to say I am missing him lots is a bit of an understatement!

1. Double pom-pomming on my birthday - I just CANNOT get enough pom. 

2. How beautiful is this cake my friend Kellie got me on my birthday. I love that green cake plate too, which is my mum's. Mums always have things like nice cake plates and spare candles.

3. Me and my friend Hayley went to Stylist Live and we inadvertently dressed as twins. As my boyfriend pointed out, it looks like we're wearing one big coat!

4. All black OOTD featuring my new favourite dress from Betty Jackson at Debenhams. I have never shopped there before but had a voucher I could only use at Designers at Debenhams so picked it up and I've barely taken it off since. 

Thanks for reading!

Faye x