Per Aquum Desert Palm

Horse why you so sad?

I've been a bad blogger this week and missed Sunday's post. Shame on me. In my defence I had a work event on Sunday and there was some last minute organising to be done on Saturday night so I kind of half-forgot, half-just-wanted-to-lie-down.

Anyway, last week me and the boyf stayed at Per Aquum Desert Palm, a hotel in Dubai. After a LONG hour and half taxi ride, we arrived and went pretty much straight to dinner at one of the hotel's restaurants, Rare. I find that whilst a lot of restaurants in Dubai don't cater particularly well for vegetarians, they are often open to making something off menu for me, which is much appreciated. I had a waldorf salad for starter, mushroom risotto for main and trio of creme brulee for dessert. It was a nice meal, but I'm not going to lie, and this sounds horribly first world problems, but I'm not a massive fan of haute cuisine or whatever if's called when you get a smear of tomato reduction and a blob of cheese foam. Sometimes I just want pie and some mash or something. I did like that they made me a bespoke cocktail though, it was a Cosmopolitan but with a twist - it had an amaretto tasting ingredient that made it delicious.

We stayed on a weekday which was a bit of a shame as we had work the next day so pretty much had breakfast and then went (delicious hash browns). I would have liked to have stayed and sunbathed, as the infinity pool looked amazing!

Faye x

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