10 Things I'll Miss About Dubai

As mentioned in a previous blog post, I'm leaving Dubai and moving back to the UK. Whilst I am very much looking forward to it, there are some little things that I will definitely miss (not including my boyfriend and the lovely people I've met, which goes without saying)...

1. Never having to wear tights

I can't describe how much wearing tights annoys me. I can never find the perfect shade of black. They are binding, They ruin outfits. They are just a pain in my ass.

2. My washing dries in under 2 hours

No need to faff about with a tumble dryer or pegs on a washing line. Just pop that shizz on the clothes horse and onto the balcony and let the ridiculously hot temperatures do their work.

3. The OOTD backgrounds

The palm trees, the lighting, the sunsets, the desert... how I do not wish to swap you for my garden shed.

4. The abundance of American restaurants and shops 

I've thoroughly enjoyed sampling American chain restaurants/shops whilst I've lived here. I'll miss the smell of Coldstone Creamery at the entrance to Mall of the Emirates, and the mouthwatering handsoaps from Bath and Bodyworks.

5. The abundance of watermelon

Watermelon is everywhere here, and it used to be part of my routine to buy a little pot for Dhs 3 (about 50p) every morning to eat at my desk before everyone else came in. I'll miss that the ready cut up fruit in supermarkets here is actually cut up by the staff and packaged on the same day and not flown in from who knows where then sat on the shelf for weeks, thus losing 99% of its nutritional value.

6. Ladies Nights

I don't think I took advantage of Ladies Nights enough during the year I was here. I will miss going out and - shock horror - having to pay for my own drinks. What do you mean the first 3 aren't free?

7. Cheap transport

Taxi up the road in London? About a tenner. In Dubai? About £1.50. Journey into work in Dubai? 50p on the tram. And I ALWAYS get a seat. I will miss this a lot.

8. Tanning on Tap

I've been off work since Monday and sod's law, the weather has been cloudy, windy and dusty for 3 days. It was nice today so I made the most of the tanning situation and led by the pool most of the day. I will miss being able to go from pool to sun lounger and repeat on the weekend.

9. Free gym

I mean not technically free as it's all included in the price of the rent but still, I sure will miss having access to a fully equipped gym just a minute's lift ride away.

10. Amy's vegetarian burgers

Last but not least, I will be tres upset not to be able to get the Amy's range in the UK. It's an American frozen vegetarian food range, and the garden vegetable burgers are beyond delicious. I'm jealous of you USA peeps!

Faye x


  1. Dubai sounds like an amazing place but welcome back to the UK! Where are you heading?

    Charlotte / Styleaked

    1. Thanks lovely :) I'm headed back to Bristol to save some dolla for the wedding!

  2. 6 & 7 = whaaaaat? It sounds like such an awesome place!

    Tara x

    1. I know right. Those are probably the ONLY things you'll save money on though haha!