Lately #7

  1. I took a pic of these pretty houses in Notting Hill when I was last in London...I miss it.
  2. The reflection in the lake I walk past every day on my way to work. At this point I'm usually gasping for breath from the heat. 
  3. I'll definitely miss having a swimming pool on tap at the weekend! 
  4. This popcorn was red velvet flavoured. It tasted so good and I don't even want to think about how much sugar was in each piece!

  1. Me and my boyf went to coldstone creamery and the ice-cream was massive. It was birthday cake and mint flavour and it defeated me. 
  2. Some weekend nail art.
  3. We had a car one weekend so went to the desert to take some ootd pics, however it was a complete failure as it was too windy :(
  4. Outfit of the evening - I wore this to a friend's house party a couple of weekends ago.

  1. We went to a surprise birthday party and I couldn't resist the lift floor.
  2. Model's Own Chrome Rose is such a pretty shade...especially when photographed with a swimming pool in the background.
  3. I broke this nail and I was VERY annoyed. 
  4. Wore this to a ladies night at La Residence, which is in downtown Dubai. They serve these little cheese souffle balls as an appetiser and they are beyond delicious. I could eat a plateful. 
Thanks for reading!

Faye x


  1. Love all these pics- your nails are sickkkkkkk!
    RIP the broken one :((

    PS Thanx for all your comments & follows :)))


    1. Thanks - haha my nails appreciate your sympathy at this tough time. I had to cut them all :'( x

  2. I love both your outfit pictures Faye - you look amazing!

    Charlotte / Styleaked