6 Favourite Lip Colours

I've been getting into wearing colour on my lips a lot recently. Mainly in the evening as wearing too much make up in the day right now just melts straight off! Here are the 6 colours I've been loving...

No.7 Gay Geranium
Probably fave amongst the bunch, I'm always banging on about this shade (you can see it on the lips in this post) as it's such a bright, popping almost neon red. Love.

Sleek Mulberry
Mulberry is a dark purple-y shade that almost looks black on the lips (see here). It looks so nice paired with gold-ish eye make-up. That may sound like a hideous combo but it works, promise! 

MAC Russian Red
A classic shade - I'm sure you've heard this raved about numerous times on blogs, so I won't harp on about it, just know that it is worth the hype!

Sephora Nude Beige
I picked up this lip pencil on a whim in Sephora last month. It's such a nice brown-y nude, the classic your lips but better shade. Only downside is it's pretty drying cos it's a pencil so make sure lips are prepped with plenty of lipbalm.

No. 7 Berry
This fat pencil is so easy to apply - you can do it without a mirror, and it's really creamy and moisturising. 

Sisley Chocolat
Last but not least is this amazing 90s brown - how Spice Girls era Victoria Beckham (I liked her much better then. On a side note, SpiceWorld is an excellent film that does not get enough credit. Very amusant in places.) This colour is so flattering and looks good even with minimal make-up.

What are your favourite lip shades?

Faye x


  1. I really wanna try Sisley Chocolat, that looks amazing! My faves are MAC Girl About Town and Charlotte Tilbury Lost Cherry right now! Can never have enough lipstick though :)

    Amy Charlotte xxx

    1. It really is! Thanks for the tips - I've heard so many good things about Charlotte Tilbury - really need to investigate.

  2. Have you tried Velvet Teddy? It's as good as the hype!

    1. I haven't but it looks so nice on other people I think I might have to! Would go really well with the Sephora lip pencil above I think!

  3. Ooooh love the Mulberry colour! Nice post! xx


  4. Fantastic array of lip colors you have here! Sleek Mulberry is SO beautiful! I need that in my life!
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

    1. Thanks Pauline :) I think you do - they aren't too expensive either! x

  5. Gay Geranium is my fave too! Such a beautiful shade.

    Tara x