Lately #6

1. I posted this #FBF pic from when I went travelling in 2010 - this was in New Zealand when we climbed a glacier which was so cool (literally). I remember one of the guys on our trip didn't wear any sunglasses and because the rays that bounce off the ice are so strong he burned his eyeballs! Can you imagine the pain?!!

2. There's a bit of an influx of nail pics in this blog post cos I've been getting back into nail art. I saw this on Pinterest and thought it was just the cutest - plus it fits really well with my blog name :)

3. I'm loving all the graphic-y, negative space nail art that's around at the moment and whilst trying (and failing) to copy  pay homage to another Pinterest find, this happened. I love the colours together.

4. My friend at work had to go to the doctor's and the little beaut picked up this apple for me as she knows I have to eat one everyday. It's wrapped up with a pink bow - how precious! Only in Dubai. 

1. My nails have miraculously grown really long -  I think it's a combination of using Nail Envy by OPI (review here) and regularly applying hand cream/cuticle cream. It's getting increasingly difficult to use touch screen but I love how they look, especially filed into a more pointed stiletto shape. 

2. Me and my boyfriend went out on my friend's boat and stopped at this private beach - it was so peaceful. They also had this blow up 'doughnut' tethered to the back of the boat which skims across the sea really quickly and it was totes fun!

3. This is me jumping off of said boat into the sea! I don't know what it is about jumping into a body of water but it makes me really happy. 

4. I went to annual trade show BeautyWorld Middle East for work and I couldn't resist a little foot selfie on the pink carpet. Khloe Kardashian was there to launch the Kardashian's new beauty range, but I didn't actually see her unfortunately. Shame as I do love a good celebrity spot.

What have you been up to lately?

Faye x


  1. So many beautiful notd's! I regret not hiking a glacier. :(

    Tara x

    1. Thank you :) Aww really - I bet you did something else cool instead though? x