10 things only fashion/beauty bloggers will understand

The definitive list of pesky #bloggerproblems...

1. When out and about, instead of seeing nice scenery and pretty views, all you see are ideal OOTD backgrounds.

2. Seeing anything marble gives you the feels.

3. Wearing an outfit you love but not photographing it makes your life seem so pointless.

4. You have a blogger enabled wishlist on your phone, in a notepad, on ASOS...

5. The wind/rain/sun has never made you more angry than when stopping you from taking the ultimate blog photo, and don't even get you started on the lighting.

6. The struggle when your boyfriend isn't a professional photographer/art director and just can't seem to make you look exactly like the Olsen twins, no matter how many photos you show him.

7. You think you've taken 20 good photos and when you look at them close up your fringe is all seperate-y.

8. You search the house for random objects that might just add that special je ne sais quois to the perfect flatlay. Punnet of blueberries and a colour-coordinating book that you've never read? Perfect!

9. Your make up stash is so vast that you read a blog post or watch a YouTube video and realise you NEED that new nail polish, only to discover that you already own 3 bottles of it.

10. When you think you're channelling Tyra by doing your best smize but you're actually doing this:

Vogue-worthy. Got any more to add?

Faye x