It's been ages since I did one of these posts! Here's what I've been up to recently in pictoral form...

1.  Isn't this cake that my friend made AMAZING - I can't believe the detail! M&Ms are my number one so I had to resist the strong strong urge to take a big old bite out of the front.
2. My super cute work colleague Janine made me this illustration - she's so talented.
3. Me and my boyfriend stumbled upon a science museum in Dubai the other week and the floor was all starry.
4. The combo of sequinned skirt and Essie's Fiji was too much to resist when I was waiting for the tram.

1. Visited Dubai Creek recently and I felt like I was in Dawson's Creek instead. 
2. Two cool kids let loose at brunch. 
3. I brought my matte topcoat back from the UK - I think it looks so chic on top of this grey Model's Own grey shade!
4. An outfit I wore to dinner recently... apparently red and green should never be seen but I live life on the edge. 

1. Classic Dubai sunset - I took this last week at a quiz night. My contributions were the answers to 'what is the name of Elle's dog in Legally Blonde?', 'Which piece of clothing is named after an Italian island?' and 'What is the sugar called that's found in milk?'
2. My child-like dessert plate at a recent brunch
3. I can never resist a marble floor (or a marble anything really)
4. Pretty houses in West London 

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Faye x


  1. Oh my gosh! That m&m's cake is absolutely incredible, soooo cool! x


  2. That cake looks amaaaaazing! Hopefully it tasted just as good

    Charlotte / styleaked

  3. That cake. Wedding cake inspo? ;)

    Tara x

    1. Haha I know incredible isn't it? I think I'll go for something a tad more simple though! x

  4. I love Dubai. Can you please to a post on what is it like to live there? I have visited but never lived there so I would love to see what it's like! :)

    Assia | www.assiashahin.com