OOTD // Grey and Black

Jumper Primark
Leggings New Look
Boots New Look
Hat H&M

So it's bloody cold in England right? I swear I've never worn so many layers in my life. I went to Primark at the first possible opportunity (oh how I've missed thee!) and picked up this jumper for only a fiver! I think it lends a nice Olsen twins air to an outfit. I really need to get some new wet-look leggings, these are age 12 from the 915 range at New Look and are getting a tad threadbare now. Also, I don't know why the third picture above is coming up with such a blue-ish tint - maybe after the coloured dress debate my eyes have gone all funny! On the subject - what did you see it as? First of all I saw white and gold but now I see blue and black - so weird. 

So to sum up my UK visit,  I've caught up with my family and my pals, discovered a new-found appreciation for the onesie (I know I'm properly late to that party) and eaten A LOT of food. It was nice to be home!  

Faye x


  1. That jumper is cuuute and I love it with the leopard boots! :)

    Tara x