New in // Charity Shop Purchases

I really miss charity shop shopping when I'm not in the UK. Although the prices have gone up CONSIDERABLY you can still find some absolute gems. I bought this classic oversized blazer from Warehouse for £8 which is an excellent fit for me and  I don't think its has been worn much at all. I also spied these earrings which I ummed and ahhed about for a while but as they were only £1.30 I couldn't resist in the end. They earned my boyf's stamp of approval as they look like 'ninja throwing stars' and apparently that's cool. 

Other things which I tried but but rejected included a sheepskin jacket which made me look as though I had put on 10 stone and two long grey coats which made me look like I had walked off the set of Uncle Buck (one of my fave films, fact fans).

Thanks for reading :)

Faye x

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