5 Steps to the perfect airport outfit

1. T-shirt This metallic number is from H&M and is well comfy whilst adding a bit of luxe to the proceedings with its silvery charm. Cos you know, I want to be comfy but not look a total state. 

2. Hoody Essential for layering and also snuggling, which is my favourite. This one is from American Apparel.

3. (Fake) Leather Jacket Leather jackets are obvs a classic item which add a touch of cool and also keep one warm. I have no coat here in Dubai so I think I'm deffo gonna need this for when I'm waiting for the National Express. Oh the glamour! 

3. Scarf This leopard print scarf is the absolute one. I got it in a jumble sale for 20p. TWENTY PENCE?!? Cost per wear is about minus a million pounds. Scarves like this are ideal for long journeys as you can use them in a multitude of ways and they keep you warm if necessary. Fun story: This scarf once fell off as I was walking home from the bus stop, I've never run so fast in my life to retrace my steps and find it, I then thought I'd lost it again but my mum had just popped it in the wash as I'd told her the story and she thought I'd want it to be cleaned as it was my 'life in a scarf'. She knew. 

4. Trainers These are not only the warmest shoes I have here, but also the comfiest so win win all round.

5. Leggings (not in shot as they looked ugly) Again, for maximum comfort and ease. 

What do you wear to the airport? 

Faye x


  1. Best 20p spent EVER? I can't resist a bit of leopard print!

    Tara x

  2. Discovered this post by mistake, thanks Hun! We're off flying soon, so great inspiration! X Bean's Beauty Blog

    1. Yay I'm glad, I hope you have a lovely time wherever you're going! x