Review // Sephora Instant nail polish remover for glitter

I first heard about the Sephora Instant nail polish remover for glitter on Daniela's blog and pretty much ran to Sephora. Everyone knows that taking glitter nail polish off is a right pain in the ass I was intrigued to see if this would be the wonder pot of my glitter removing dreams. 

What it says on the tin: It really is magic! Just dip your fingers into the foam: bye bye sparkles and nail polish in a snap!

Good things: As you can see from the pics below, this did a good job of removing 3 coats of chunky glitter. There's a scrubby sponge in the middle that I assume is there for you to rub your nail over in order to remove the glitter. 'Just dip your fingers into the foam' isn't accurate as it did take me about 40 secs to get rid completely, but ya know that's not really a grumble as it's still super pain-free and quick. 

Bad Things: The only downside would probably be the price - it was 50AED at the Sephora here in Dubai which works out at roughly 9 pounds. I think that's pretty pricey for a nail polish remover, but to be honest I'm willing to pay that for an easy solution to a really annoying beauty task! I mean sometimes my wrist actually aches from rubbing so hard (oo-er). On another note, as this is the first time I've opened the pot and used it, I will be interested to see how long the sponge stays wet and usable. 

Verdict:  9/10. I will deffo be picking up this up again.


  1. I think I'd probably pay that considering it works! I rarely use glitter polish so it would probably be worth keeping it in my drawer and using it when needed!

    Tara x

    1. Yeah it is handy. I keep using it for non-glitter nails too cos it's so easy. My boyfriend even told me off - whoops! x