7 Ways to Make Your Wardrobe Work Harder

I have banged on about it many times, but moving countries and going from having an entire wardobe at your disposal to a rail of a select few favourites has been a sartorial challenge. I know, first world problems and all that but still, I'm not gonna lie, it has got on my nerves at times. Big wardrobe or small  compact wardrobe, should you find yourself staring at your clothes with dead,dull eyes for a good 10 minutes every morning these tips may help.

1. Borrow from your boyfriend/friend/mum/sister 
When 'I've got nothing to wear' fear strikes, having a little look in someone else's wardrobe can give you a flash of inspiration -even if it's only a hat/shirt/pair of socks.

2. Layer, layer, layer
Simple things like wearing a shirt under a jumper over a dress or playing with proportions and wearing a long t-shirt under a jumper and pair of trousers mixes things up and makes them more interesting.

3. Think Outside the Box
Thought your joggers were only for sitting around watching Netflix the gym? Pair them with a silky top, leather jacket and smart shoes and you got yourself a lovely smart/casj outfit. Wear a head to toe red ensemble and you've nailed the monochrome trend. Wear a cardigan back to front and you've got a new jumper. And so on.

4. Get Inspired
It sounds blatantly obvious, but having a folder/Tumblr/Pinterest board where you can keep all your fave looks in one place is so helpful. It's the first place I turn to when my fashion brain is turned off, and can give you great ideas, often using stuff you already own but worn in a way you hadn't considered.

5. Mix up Day & Night
A bit similar to tip 3, but not looking at your wardobe in terms of day outfits and night outfits can give you loads more options. For example, a strapless party dress looks really cute with a t-shirt and a chunky necklace, and I actually prefer glitter and sparkle with over-sized shirts or brogues. As many fashion editors will no doubt tell you, it's all about the high-low mix.

6. DIY
This can be as simple as adding some studs onto a top, cutting off sleeves or distressing your jeans. Handy if there's something you are going to throw out which could become a completely new piece of clothing with a few tweaks.

7. Accessorize
Last but not least, don't forget the accessories, again sounds obvious but it's surprising how your clothes can look totally different with belts, jewellery, even hair and make-up. Plus if you are on a budget it's much cheaper to buy small bits and bobs and still feel like you're wearing something new.

Faye x


  1. Amazing tips, dear!!


  2. I definitely need to start layering more! :)

    Tara x

  3. I totally agree with your tips and especially layering can totally change a look, I myself don't layer much so I should definitely start doing that more!

    much love xxx

    1. Thank you :) Yeah you can forget I think especially if you've got a lot of clothes! x