A Wishlist Full of Glitter and Sparkles

November Wishlist

When I made this wishlist I didn't mean for it to be so full of shiny things until I saw them all laid out together. Being cool and nonchalant is all well and good until sparkly things appear, and then I become a crazy-eyed magpie and want to roll around in all of the glitter.

 But how cute would this Miss Selfridge skirt be with this jumper from Finds? (which btw is a really cute brand with amazing bags and watches). These two pairs of shoes are both from Boden, a place I'd not have looked before - I blame Ella from Coco's Tea Party, who not only sparked my love for said shoes, but also pointed me in the direction of the skirt. She basically enabled this wishlist. To top off the sparkle fest is this nail polish from Topshop, which is a 'matte metallic' shade - this alone blows my mind. The white T-shirt is because I really want a white v-neck T-shirt .

I think this wishlist may be subconsciously festive season-inspired, which is odd as I'm definitely not one of those people who watches Elf in October and goes batshit crazy at the sight of a Starbucks red cup. I normally start thinking of Christmas on around the 18th December when I realise I've done no Christmas shopping. Maybe it's being away from home in a foreign, hot land but I do actually miss feeling a bit Christmas-sy even though it's still only November and I would never even entertain the thought so early. Or maybe I just really like glitter. 

Faye x