The Shoe Diaries #3: Black Mohair Topshop Plimsolls

Topshop TIKA2 Skater Shoes in Black 

I saw these in the Topshop at the Mall of the Emirates and I couldn't quite believe it when they were reduced to the equivalent of about £6 Reduced from £20! Sadly It seems to only be here in Dubai as they are still full price on the Topshop website. Even £20 is quite the bargain though so snap them up! 

These fit in well with my faux fur post from last week, although they aren't colourful, but a nice nod to the trend that I can still appreciate in this heat. It's definitely getting cooler, the nights aren't so sticky and the mornings are less boiling too. I might even be able to get the metro to work soon! 

I went for a lovely moonlit swim on Monday which was precious - I've deffo put on weight since getting here. I struggled to fit into my usual clothes size whilst shopping last week. I think it's the lack of general walking about, I used to walk around a fair amount in London, and I do like to get a stomp on so it was fast walking. Here I just can't walk that fast or that much. So swimming it is! 

Faye x

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  1. Matalan have this style shoe for only £10 and so much comfier! I mentioned them in my September Faves, go have a little read :)

    Charlotte x