Bras that have changed my life

Here are two bras that have straight up changed my life. 

2 Pack Bras M&S

I don't normally talk about my underwear on the internet (weird right?) but I thought it would be wrong not to share my most recent discovery.

 So since being in Dubai, the under-wiring  has come out of TWO of my favourite black bras. Fair enough, they were OLD bras (I'm too embarrassed to reveal exactly how old, just take my word for it.)

Every gal needs black bras, so I eventually found myself in M&S in the Mall of the Emirates. After having a browse in H&M, La Senza etc, I really struggled to a) find just normal plain black bras and b) my size. I'm not gonna say what that is, but it's really not an unusual size. Why the high street has such a tiny selection of sizes is beyond me. Goodness know what significantly larger/smaller women do.

Anyway, I picked up a two-pack of T-shirt bras and I just love them! They're comfortable, supportive, and I just didn't know bras could be this...nice. A boring word but so true, they're just all round nice. Not particularly fancy, just do the job they say they will do. I urge you all to check out the bra selection in M&S.

P.S. This blog is totally not sponsored by M&S. I'm just a humble fan.

P.P.S I've had a little blog redesign, courtesy of the sale that was on at Envye. I still need to tweak a few bits and bobs, but it's deffo an improvement, no?

Faye x


  1. Oh finally a blog post about bras! I struggle with finding the right bra, so I'll definitely check out M&S! Thanks for this good post! x M

    1. You're welcome, I'm glad you found it useful! Deffo check out Marks and Spencer- and let me know what you think x