The Shoe Diaries #2: Nike Flex Experience Rn 2

Decided I needed to get my ass to the gym. Seeing as there is a gym in my building there really is no excuse. As I haven't been to the gym in about 4 years, and I don't think you're supposed to run on a treadmill in leopard print skater shoes, my boyfriend treated me to some sparkly new rainbow trainers. 

He was lucky enough to have a Maserati to test drive for the weekend so we cruised on down to the Dubai outlet mall in search of some new kicks. I got these at the Nike store for the bargainous sum of about 30 pounds (pound sign still won't work on laptop). Even though they are for exercise purposes and not for looking nice, obvs I still wanted them to look nice. I felt about 14 getting these because I haven't bought actual trainers that look like actual trainers since I was a teenager. Back then they went really well with my Adidas poppers and white sleeveless roll neck. How hideous  sports luxe. 

I love the colour combo of these and I feel like I could still wear them out and about such is the fashion these days amongst bloggers and the 'style-set'. I HATE that phrase. But I can't deny that they have influenced me into liking trainers with everyday outfits. That is the power of the blogosphere.(Another horrid phrase). 

Faye x

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