OOTD: Cotton Casuals

Shirt H&M
                              Shorts Tosphop (Similar here)
Boots H&M (Same here but with glitter soles- why did I not see these?)

These boots have been hovering around on the lust list for a while now. I first saw them around in London earlier in the year, but sadly could not afford them at them time so I resisted. I then saw them on Amy's blog and the need for them grew. I spied them in the H&M over here and couldn't resist, so I made them mine. The shirt is another H&M find, I've been a bit obsessed with blue shirts of late, and this one was a bargain at £14.99! 

On Friday morning I went paddle boarding at the Riva Beach Club . I had no idea what to expect as it has never really been on my radar, I thought I'd be awful as I tried surfing when I went to Australia and was hopeless. Turns out paddle boarding is nothing like surfing. You just stand on the board and...paddle. Clue's in the name. It's actually very peaceful and serene. There were some jellyfish in the water, which these days just remind me of Finding Nemo.  

 We paddled from one side of the beach to the other, for about 45 minutes. We went past this absolutely AMAZING house which was white with huge turquoise glass windows, a rooftop pool and turquoise glass staircase. I was gutted that I couldn't take a photo, it was a dream. When we got back we ate breakfast in the cafe. I had french toast with grilled peaches and maple syrup, it was delicious. I also had a wheatgrass shot, I'd heard they taste gross but I rather enjoyed it. It tasted very fresh and green. Like I imagine actual grass would taste. 

Not a bad way to spend a morning!

Faye x