Summer Accessory Faves

Moving to a different country means being VERY selective with what you take. My suitcase was 10kg overweight when I weighed it at home which meant I had to remove a lot of stuff. That wasn't fun I can tell ya! I've ended up with what I like to call a curated, boutique (tiny) wardrobe. As one can imagine, accessories, particularly jewellery, can take up a lot of space and weight.

These are some of my favourites which made the cut:

1. The Necklace

I acquired this vintage locket when it was left on my bed at home in Bristol. My dad said he had been sorting some stuff out and he found it, a long ago gift from my nan. I have yet to pop a photo inside so it's just decorative at the moment but I think it's lovely and dainty. 

2. The Bracelet 

I just bloody love this Marc Jacobs bracelet. It was given to me when I left an old job and as a big fan of chain type jewellery, it is right up my street (always to be said in a Cheryl Cole accent). 

3. The Sunglasses 

These are bog standard Topshop sunglasses but I always tend to get compliments on them. I like big sunglasses as I think I have a big round face, so wearing Rayban Wayfarer types do not suit me.

4. The Watch

I like that this New Look watch is different and isn't trying to be a copy of a Michael Kors. I appreciate its sporty feel. The only downside to this watch is that I can't really tell the time on it all that well. What are iPhones for eh?

Faye x

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