OOTD: Stolen from my mum's wardrobe

Culottes Stolen from my mum's wardrobe
Sandals Primark
Locket Vintage

"Have you got any cool clothes from the 90s in your wardrobe in France?" I asked my mum last week before visiting the parents at our house in Normandy. She claimed she hadn't, but I'm glad I looked anyway as I found these beauties! I've been wanting some culottes recently so was mega pleased to find them, and I think they look fresh and summery teamed with white. 

I had a peaceful, relaxing break in France with nothing but my family and the cows for company. I love the French countryside and the way of life, it's a complete contrast to London and how busy everything is. However by day 4 I was gagging for a bit of WiFi and the latest episode of TOWIE. I kinda wish that wasn't true but hey, that's the 21st century I guess! I must be a city girl at heart.

Faye x

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  1. I wish my mum kept her old clothes! These shorts are aweeesome. :)

    Tara x