Inspiring Blogger Award

Nail guru, book lover and all round babe Christa nominated me for the Inspiring Blogger award and it made my day! Christa's is a lifestyle blog discussing all manner of topics from hula hooping to book reviews with a bit of exercise and baking in between, all written in an amusing and I-totally-feel-you-gurrrrlll kinda way. We've been internet pals via social media for a good few years now so do check out her blog and spread the love! Thanks for the nomination beaut :)

Here are the rules of the award:
  • Thank and link to the person who nominated you
  • List the rules and display the award
  • Share seven facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated
  • Optional: display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you
Seven facts about me:

  • I love cats. Like seriously love them. Sometimes I can't cope with how much I love them and I want to squeeze them too hard. In case you're wondering, I also like otters and whales.

  • When I was 6 I lived in France for a year. My family still have a house there and I am actually visiting for the first time in about 4 years next week. It's in the middle of nowhere, has no internet or TV and you have to turn the water on via a hole underground. So yeah it's not fancy. It's surrounded by cows who I used to think were my pets.

  • I'm a vegetarian. FAQs: Since I was 6, because I don't like the texture of meat, no I don't miss bacon. 

  • Going to weddings makes me cry every time. As does The Little Princess especially the scene when her dad doesn't recognise her. It's making me almost well up now. 

  • Fruit is my favourite food group. I could genuinely eat about 15 portions a day. Top 5 not in order: cherries, Granny Smith apples, passion fruit, peaches and raspberries. 

  •  When me and my friend Ellie were younger we learned the whole closing dance in Everybody (Backstreet's Back) by Backstreet Boys. There was no YouTube to follow so we recorded the video on tape and watched it back multiple times. (I just checked and yes I still know it. Haters gon' hate. Right Nick?)

  • The first concert I went to was Craig David in 2000 (Born To do It is such an underrated album). I wore pedal pushers, a sky blue puffa gilet, deely boppers and copious amounts of silver eyeshadow. Me and my friends waiting at the stage door for Craig but as he did not emerge we asked his backing singer to sign our poster. He was called Wayne.

The 15 lovely ladies I nominate are:

  • Cow Biscuits- SJ is a Cardiff based lifestyle blogger. I love her fun jewellery finds and beautiful cat!
  • Xen's Imagination - Firstly, how cool is the name Xenia? She has the kind of laid back, effortless style I love. And gives me serious short hair envy.
  •  The Little Plum- Chloe is such a babe and her writing style cracks me up! She's the sass queen. 
  • The Little London Girl - Ellan is super cute and seems so chatty and personable- I love her lists and what-I've-been-up-to posts.
  • The Fashion is Mine- I get so many DIY tips from Gwen's blog- it makes me wonder why I've never thought of them! She is also a photography pro and has excellent tips.
  • Sophia Stancer - I followed Sophia on Tumblr for ages before she started her blog and love to read her thoughts on fashion and life in general. We share a love of Chanel and Paris!
  • Salt and Chic- Amy can pull off anything and I want her shoe collection! 
  •  Rose Keats- I love Roisin's long, talky posts where she really goes right into a subject. Her restaurant reviews are also top notch.
  • Rose and Vintage- Ellie is only 16 but is wise beyond her years and has an original style, she reminds me of Tavi- which is of course a huge compliment!
  • Taylor Gymer - I get so much style inspiration from this lady's blog. She really rocks a midi skirt and has a way with colour matching. Plus she's so smiley! 
  • Jazz Lips and Tulips- I particularly love Eloise's photography style and the graphics she uses on her blog. They make me happy. She makes everything fun. 
  • The Style Rawr - Tara and Jade are fellow Bristol girls with a fun take on fashion and beauty. Their wishlists are totally enabling! 
  • Make Me Glossy- This is my gorgeous friend Becky's funny and totally relate-able blog, who writes about style and beauty through the eyes of a fashion journalist. 
  • Daniela Scribbles - I wrote about Daniela in my favourite beauty bloggers post. Visit her blog for great, helpful reviews, face of the days and  new product launches.
  • Pierre Le Cat- Helen's sweet, laid back style and jewellery finds make me want to go on a major shopping spree!

Thanks again to Christa for nominating me, I had a lot more fun than I imagined writing this post- maybe I'm much more vain that I thought haha (I woke up like dis). Please do click on all of the above blogs because they're all banging and will improve your life immensely and instantly. All the Is. I really am rambling absolute nonsense now. Anyhoo I'm off to buy safety pins. Peace.

Faye x


  1. This is too cute! Thank you so much for nominating me lovely :) xx http://thelittlelondongirl.co.uk

  2. Thanks so much nominating us, what an honour! :)

    I love this post so much, my first concert was Another Level I think (hahaha) but I remember queuing outside the Colston Hall at 6am to get Craig David tickets - no idea why because we were the only ones there. I used to carry an A5 poster of him around in my graphics folder. Ahahaha!

    Tara x

  3. Thank you so much for the nomination, will definitely post this asap! x