My Favourite Bloggers Part 3- Beauty Blogs

When I started reading blogs, they were all fashion based. I had little to no interest in beauty, hair and make-up, I just used to wash my face, straighten my hair and use whatever was on offer in Boots. Now however, it's a different story. I love reading about the latest MAC collection, watching make up hauls on YouTube or browsing the Selfridges beauty counters and making mental wish lists. I think gorgeous hair and make-up can really lift an average outfit and make it look 10 times cooler. These are the bloggers I look to for beautspiration (I even made up a word in their honour!)

First up is Ruth from A Model Recommends. I've been reading this lady's beauty blog for quite a while now and I'm hooked. Firstly, she is just so darn likeable- her writing is super witty and she's so warm and friendly. Her product recommendations are honest and very well researched (she is a model after all!)  Definitely check out her YouTube channel for even more beauty loveliness. (Side note: she has the cutest and best cat in the world)

Make Up Savvy is just a visual feast! The photography is so clear and the fonts and layout are simple but eye catching and modern. Fee does a lot of nail posts which I love, and has some brilliant tips and tricks you would never have thought of. Her list type posts, like beauty confessions and monthly magazine freebies, are my favourites- such fun reads.

Emma from Milkteef is the queen of reviews- whenever a new big beauty launch is happening, she'll know about it! She posts great swatches and photos of the product on her so you get a real feel for what they actually look like. Her day-to-day make up is super pretty, and I absolutely LOVE this deer halloween make-up tutorial- cuteness! 

I discovered Daniela Scribbles blog recently via Twitter, and it's a beaut! She writes informative and in depth reviews and her photos have such pretty backgrounds. She's a huge Lush fan, so if you love the brand then Daniela's your girl. This post about Benefit's They're Real is one of my faves- the results are incredible!

Sandra Holmbom is a beauty blogger with a difference. She creates the most stunning make up looks I've ever seen- the level of detail and flawless finish boggles the mind (as you can see from the look above). As well as they more theatrical looks, she is an expert at beautiful every day eyes, lips and nails. 

Finally, The Beauty Department is not wrong when it calls itself 'Your Daily Dose of Pretty'. Created by Amy and Kristin, this blog is a treasure trove of tips, tricks and tutorials. From make up hacks and healthy, skin-loving recipes to adorable hairstyles and nail art, its step by step guides make everything they post totally Pinterest-worthy! As a nail obsessive, this sparkly turquoise and gold mani speaks to me. 

Make sure to click and follow all these brilliant blogs! Which are your favourites?

Faye x


  1. Miss Makeup Magpie is definitely my favourite beauty blog but I'm going to check these out too! :)

    Tara xo

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my blog :) so kind of you! Love all the other blogs as well.

    Fee x

  3. Thank you for featuring my blog lovely - that's so sweet of you! And such a lovely idea for a blog post, too. I love finding new blogs this way!
    Would love for you to guest post for me again some time, it's been really popular
    Daniela | danielascribbles blog xo