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For about 2 years now I have struggled with my skin- it's been spotty/angry and generally quite unhappy. Recently however I have seen a huge improvement as I have made a few lifestyle changes which seem to have worked for me. I thought I would share as they might help someone with problem skin try some things they may not have considered. My skin is still not as clear as I would like so I have a bit of a way to go still, but these 5 things have definitely helped me.

1. Choose the right skincare and make-up for your skin

This sounds really obvious but it's surprisingly hard to get right. Unfortunately you do just need to do a bit of trial and error before you find the right products for you, but once you do it will transform your life skin. Obviously blogs and YouTube have a ton of helpful information and are great places to find out about new products (for some of my favourites, check out my beauty bloggers post) Also visit Sali Hughes's website- she is my absolute absolute favourite skincare and beauty guru, I trust her reviews above all else and have found so many amazing products through her Guardian column which I have followed for years.

2. Change your pill

I think this is probably the factor which changed my skin the most. I used to constantly have at least one spot on my face, some of which were horrible, bumpy, under-the-skin lurkers. Mm-mm! They would always cluster around my cheeks and jawline, and after conducting some in depth scientific research (I googled it), I discovered this area was linked to hormones. As the contraceptive pill directly affects hormones, I thought it might be worth going to speak to my doctor. She suggested I try another pill, and my skin has calmed down such a considerable amount, I rarely get spots these days. Obviously this tip only applies if you are on the pill but it's definitely something to consider. Make sure you wait at least three months before deciding if a change has helped, and discuss with your GP!

3. Healthy diet

Yawn, everyone mentions this but it's because it works! When I have a pig out weekend (or even week, let's be honest), eat a load of crap and drink alcohol  I can 100% notice it through my skin. It's duller and more spotty. I'm not saying never eat chocolate or deny yourself a delicious cocktail, but just be sensible. Eat some veg with every meal, drink enough water throughout the day and just have one chocolate not 12. I know this can be mega difficult, I work in an environment where there is a constantly topped-up bowl of celebrations on the table within 3 seconds reach. My two tips when it comes to healthy eating are don't start, and shove it in. Don't start, as in don't start eating something unhealthy- one leads to two etc etc etc. Most bad food choices are made because the bad food is in front of you and it's easy. Resist for about 2 minutes longer and you'll probably be out of that environment and have forgotten about it. And you'll always feel better for it! Shove it in applies to healthy food. As my dad says, I am a 'vegetarian who doesn't like vegetables'. However I know they are good for me, so I just eat them anyway even if I'm tired and just want pizza- just shove them in, it will be over in about 4 minutes and you will have eaten your way to healthy skin *cringe alert*.

4. Stop touching your face

Again, another one that seems obvious but really helps. If you have a spot, don't squeeze it, don't touch it. The only method I sometimes use is taking a hot flannel and holding it over the spot until it becomes cool then gently wiping away, which can remove the head. Other than that I just do my usual skin routine, apply a bit of tea tree oil and it's normally gone (or significantly reduced) within about 2 days. Related to stop touching your face is keep your phone clean (work and mobile-even better use speakerphone), change your bed sheets often and tie your hair up at night.

5. Expensive isn't always better

This is particularly helpful if on a budget. I have tried many skincare ranges from high end to pound land with surprising results. My number one skincare essential is Effaclar Duo + which I'm sure you all know is a serum by French brand La Roche Posay. It costs £15.50 which I would place at the mid to higher end of the scale, but I will always fork out for it because it is basically a miracle in a tube. However when it comes to cleanser (for example) I recently switched from using Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish (£13.25) to Clean and Clear Deep Action Pore Wash (£2.97). Can I tell the difference? Yes, of course and I much prefer Cleanse and Polish. The application is nicer, the smell is more pleasant, the packaging is prettier etc etc.Has it made a fundamental difference to my skin? Not really. The point I'm trying to make is buy the best you can afford at the time, some things you can scrimp on without them making a real noticeable difference.

I didn't really expect to ramble on as much as this but the words just kept on flowing- I hope it's been helpful!

Faye x

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  1. Some really good tips! I need to get some tea tree oil and stop touching my face!!

    Tara xo