I Got Engaged!

I am absolutely made up to say that last week I got engaged! It was a complete surprise and I don't think I've stopped smiling since. 

It happened on Monday evening at the Shangri La hotel at The Shard in London (which by the way is incredible) whilst we were having dinner at Ting,  the hotel restaurant. My boyfriend (or should I say fiancee!) had told the staff (who were all so lovely) about his plans and they taped the ring box under the table so I wouldn't suspect anything!  I was in shock when he proposed but of course I said yes, shed a little tear and then a rainbow appeared outside which was just the cutest. 

I am absolutely in love with my engagement ring-  it's based on Mary Kate Olsen's engagement ring , which is a vintage Cartier beaut. Back in January my bf enlisted his sister to find out what sort of ring I liked and one night she mentioned that MK had got engaged, we looked at the ring online and apparently I said 'that's the only engagement ring I've seen that I'd consider wearing'. So that was her job done! He had it made in Dubai which I love because it's such a thoughtful thing to do. Plus, no-one will have the same one. 

It's gold with a diamond and sapphires around the edge (which, as my friend Vikki pointed out, are my birthstone)

It was slightly too big so I got it re-sized in Bristol this weekend and now it's perfect. I love it cos It's quite unusual for an engagement ring- a lot of my friends have said it's 'very me' which makes me happy. I'm so excited to plan everything- I've already got multiple Pinterest boards and bought a wedding magazine. WOO HOO! 

I will stop gushing now. I hope everyone reading had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the glorious sunshine. 

Faye x


  1. Congratulations! It sounds like he went to a lot of effort to keep it secret and get you a ring you liked. Best of wishes for your future together.

  2. Congratulations deat! Wow what a lovely story... Love the ring, that's so thoughtful... :) xx


  3. Eeeeeeep! HUGE congrats. That ring is so beautiful and I love how much thought your *fiancee* put into it! ;)

    Tara x

  4. fab! congrats!

  5. Congrats! Beautiful ring!

  6. Many Congratulations! Your ring is beautiful and it's so special that it's one of a kind :) I got engaged last month and I'm pinning like a maniac on my wedding board haha! :)

    Amy | The Little Koala Blog ♥
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  7. Faye, it is so so so beautiful! I'm really happy for you xx

    Sophie | oalwren.blogspot.co.uk