April Wishlist

April Wishlist

It's getting warmer. This makes me want new things! I do love things. 

1. Sunglasses from Topshop- I like my sunglasses to be black, preferably. Then I think they go with every outfit. If they are brown/coloured I sometimes feel like they mess up an outfit if nothing else is that colour. Just me?!

2. This beaut of a bag is from Ted Baker, I love the colour and the croc detail. Yellow is good for accessories as I definitely can't wear it anywhere near my face as I just look sallow. Attractive no?  

3. I saw this H&M skirt on Taylor's blog and instantly fell in love. So swishy! I went to try this on, half hoping that I wouldn't like it as funds are low at the moment. No such luck, the need was still strong. I sighed as I put it back on the hanger. 

4. I've always had an affinity for shorts, and am loving the longer styles that seem to be cropping up all over the place. Absolutely heart-ing this muted tropical pair from Topshop. Not loving the price though. 

5. Another blogger-enabled find- I saw this on Megan and immediately clicked the link. So pretty! I think the colour of this makes it quite unique. And it's only £10 from La Moda.

6. I found these Aldo beauties via the Fashion Chick website, which is a huuuugge source of fashion inspiration, it features tons of brands and takes you directly to the website to buy. It's gonna be dangerous! Topshop did a similar sandal last year and I could have kicked myself for not buying them. These definitely fill the hole of longing.

What's on your wishlist this Spring?

Faye x


  1. Love the croc skin bag! x


  2. love what you have chosen, so pretty

    Ally x