Vogue Natural Health and BeautyBook

I thought I'd share some photos of  this old Vogue Natural Health and Beauty book I found at my parents' house and brought back to London with me. My mum got it in 1980 (she has written her name and the year on the inside cover, cuteness) but it was actually printed in 1979.

Although some of the book is still relevant and useful, such as Yoga exercises and extensive information about herbal teas/natural remedies, some of the tips are slightly questionable! For example, one of the suggestions in the 'Health and Energy' section is 'The Grape Diet', which involves eating only grapes (about 4 punnets a day?!?) for 'up to ten days on your own, much longer when under supervision'. Ha ha-really? If this diet was published in Vogue or any other women's magazine today the media would go nuts!

Faye x

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