Spring Nails: Quick and Easy Topcoat Ideas + Lazy Sunday Links

Now I sure do love nail art. I keep reading that it's 'over' and 'done' but ya know, haters gon' hate. I still love it. Sometimes, however there's just not enough time in the day to perfect a full blown leopard print or paisley set of nails. This is when I like to crack out the topcoats. Sometimes on all the nails, sometimes on an accent nail. Sometimes when I'm feeling crazy I like to mix and match a few different ones. These ideas aren't particularly mind-blowing, just some cute suggestions that you maybe wouldn't have automatically thought to try.

Glitter Top Coats 

Love the combo of a pinky nude (typical 'french tip' colour) nail polish and silver glitter top coat. Especially when the nude isn't entirely opaque and the natural nail shows through slightly.

This lilac Topshop glitter (similar here) looks nice on it's own, but works better over a similar shade like this pink because you can really see the holographic particles.

I think peach and glitter is such a pretty combo, and glitter fade is just so easy and quick to do. My failsafe technique for when my nails have chipped but I don't want to spend the time/effort redoing them. Gives them at least 2 more days! 

Pearlescent Top Coats

Models Own Indian Ocean  is a beauty of a nail polish- an iridescent purple-blue colour which just looks so mermaid-y and whimsical. I love it over bright pinks and purples, its like creating a completely different polish which dazzles in bright sunlight.

Pearly Queen is another Models Own fave which again adds a lovely sheen to any colour, particularly white. How very Chanel.

Shatter Top Coat

I'm not normally a fan on the shatter top coat, but think I do enjoy this one from O.P.I with a lighter blue nail polish underneath. 

Matte Top Coat

Matte top coats are a really simple but effective way to tone colours down. I especially love themIda with grey and bright corals. 

Happy nail painting!

Lazy Sunday Links

  • As a refreshing change from all the superchichighfashion coverage, read about this hilarious event  from A Hit of Sarah
  • Test your fashion week knowledge with Coco's Tea Party's quiz. Have you been paying attention? I was quite proud of my 8/12 score.
  • Stare in awe at this beautiful cake from Jazz Lips and Tulips.

Faye x


  1. I love topcoats, they add such a nice effect to simple nails!


    1. I know! Simple things which make a difference are my favourite :)