Fashion I dislike

I was on the coach the other day going to Bristol and we were stuck in traffic somewhere near Kensington. I noticed that A LOT of women were wearing puffa coats, the ones with the belt attached. Personally, I am baffled as to why these have become so popular. Yes they are warm and comfortable but so are many other coats. I just think they are so ugly! This made me think about other clothes/shoes I really don't get, so I thought I'd share my top 7 fashion no nos.

Disclaimer: I realise I am in no way an expert on fashion or style, and a lot of people may completely disagree with me, which is fine. This is all my personal opinion! Please take it with a pinch of salt.

1. The Aforementioned Puffa Coats

I'm not talking about parkas, the ones with the furry hood. They are cute and snuggly, and make you look a bit like a baby bear. I mean these ones:

I think it's the belt that bothers me the most. They just look like sleeping bags with a horrible stretchy pound shop belt attached. I just can't. And they are so popular! To pass the time whilst I was stuck in traffic on said coach, I counted about 30 of them in about 5 minutes. Baffled.

2. Knee High Boots

It's not knee high boots as a whole that I dislike. Some can look stylish and timeless. Like these: 


 But a lot of knee high boots look like this:

Just eurgh. I think it's what they are worn with that I have an issue with, I feel like they should always be worn with a long sleeved top, to sort of even out the amount of leg they take up. For example, this upsets me:

It's also the colours they often come in, like sludge brown or tan with horrible unnecessary buckles, stitching and quilting. Plus they are sometimes worn with the puffa coat of hatred. I think this must stem from my late teens when I sported some lovely brown primark boots with fake fur which I used to wear with a washed-out denim mini and red t-shirt. *shudders*

3. Hollister

I would imagine my dislike of Hollister is because I am too old to appreciate it- If I was a teenager now I'm sure I would be a huge fan. I just can't cope with the sensory overload in the stores- the smell it emits to everyone within a mile radius, the weird dimmed lights, not to mention the topless men who stand outside make me cringe with every fibre of my being. And the clothes I feel like you could have got from H&M about 5 years ago for half the price. They remind me of Joe Browns. Joe Browns is not cool. 

4. Bodywarmers

Unless you're walking the dog, I don't know why you would want to look like you're walking the dog. I just don't think they are and ever should be considered a fashion item.

5. 100 Dernier Thick Black Tights

Again, it's not the thick black tights I hate per se, it's two particular things- the way they are worn and the shiny ness of them. Basically when they are worn in this way:

It looks really weird because the top half of her is skin and then the legs and feet are just big block of black. Anyone feeling me? Also, I think they make legs look like they are all strapped in like a shiny sausage.

6. In between necklines

This I think may literally just be me. This is the sort of neckline I dislike:

One that is not quite a crew neck, but not a scoop neck or any other neck. Just an in-between neck. I think they look cheap, sloppy and unflattering. Not to mention when you want to put a white shirt underneath them  and you can see just a bit too much of the shirt. The horror!  Like I said, I think this one's just me.

7. Varying Leopard Print

Let's just get one thing straight- I love me some leopard print, and have done for many a year. It's this sort of leopard print that I can't deal with:

My eyes! My eyes! Why would this happen?

Does anyone agree with my thoughts? What are your fashion no-nos?

Faye x

All images from Google.


  1. LOLOLOL!!
    I with you on the in between neck and knee high boots - urgh!

  2. I see where you're coming from with the knee high boots. They're some gorgeous ones, no doubt about it, but you're right they're a lot of cheap ones that remind me of middle aged supply school teachers in winter?

  3. hahah i've been thinking about doing a similar post to this, love it!


  4. I agree with you on SO MANY OF THESE! Especially knee high boots when worn with shorts - just what?! And Hollister, I get a bloody headache every time I go in between the smell and trying to focus my eyes! Hilarious post though, love it! ;)