OOTD: Casual Friday + Lazy Sunday Links

Jumper Wildfox
Jeans H&M
Shoes Topshop
Bag Misstella
Coat New Look

I had the day off on Friday as I had to accompany my boyfriend to the airport- he's got a new job in Dubai. Massive sad face. Luckily one of my good friends has moved in with me, plus it also means I can redecorate my room, so every cloud. I'm going to go for an orange theme as I have a very orange Nemo-inspired picture on my wall (this sounds weird but it's really cool). I've made a Pinterest board and everything! 

This weekend I have had a major sort out of my wardrobe, donated 4 bags of clothes to charity and have another 2 bagfuls to sell on eBay! Spring clean and all that. Today I went to Camden with my friend Rachel in search of a new watch. There were loadssss of Michael Kors dupes, but I don't really want an exact copy if I can help it, so I think I'm gonna have a look on ASOS. We also went to Pizza Hut and had the cookie dough dessert which is beyond delicious. On the bill, it was described as a 'footlong'. A foot of cookie! So worth it though. 

Lazy Sunday Links

In other news, I thought with every Sunday's post henceforth (I don't think I've ever used that word) I would include a little link list of all the things I have recently enjoyed on the interwebz. These will cheer you up before the depressing-ness of Monday morning. 

Faye x

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