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Modcloth Blogger Competition by iwishicouldwink

Modcloth contacted me to see if I would be interested in a competition to style up one of their pieces, and as I love a project, of course I said yes. The red and black lace dress was the item of choice, and although not my usual style, I tried to add items which would make it more 'me'. I decided to go down the ridiculously cute road, as I just could not resist those eyelashes- they are freaking adorable! I included the mannish watch and satchel to toughen up the ensemble slightly but even so, it's still at least a 7 on the girly scale. Everything on the website is just so cute though: Bunny shoes! Ladybird bag! Bear Pillow!

The outfit is quite Parisian inspired (must be the monochrome boucle-esque cardigan) and I could totally imagine myself strolling down Le Rue Royale eating a croissant and popping into Chanel on a whim. The red, black and cream theme would also be perfect for a Valentine's date with your one and only. Just accessorize with a single rose and a smug expression. 

Alternatively, if you're single, watch Mean Girls and dress your cat up in these pyjamas (also from Modcloth). In fact, do this even if you aren't single. I mean, the cat's got pyjamas on for goodness sake! 

Shop more of Modcloth's pretty dresses here.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Faye x

Beaded dress

Vintage umbrella

Retro makeup

New Arrivals

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