Mango Wishlist

Mango Wishlist

Mango Wishlist by iwishicouldwink featuring mango jewelry

So my boyfriend's sister gave me a Mango voucher a while ago and I STILL haven't used it. I'm the type of person who likes to hold onto vouchers until I see something I really want, rather than just go shopping and buy something for the sake of it. However, there have been quite a few things recently that have caught my eye...

1. These pinstripe trousers are in the sale so they're only £19.99,but I'm not sure about them because of the length, they look super short on the model (there's no guide to how tall she is). Also as they are wool blend, they may look a bit out of place in the summer with sandals?

2. I've seen these Acne style distressed denim mini skirt on quite a few swedish bloggers recently and I'm liking them. This would work with or without tights.

3. I think these polka dot trousers are cute, but I'm always wary about white trousers- they are definitely not slimming plus they show up every stain.

4. These leather look leggings are classic and I do need some new ones as my old ones are getting very thin. When I sit down you can almost see my knees! Not ideal. 

5. I really like this dress-I think it's my fave thing. Simple but looks expensive, I could imagine it in COS. 

6. This bug necklace reminds me of Lanvin, which is a bonus, but the length and price are putting me off slightly. I do want a necklace that's a mix between gold and silver though.

7. Last but not least, these wedge sandals. I love them from the front but 'm not sure about the almost wedge. Is it weird? Can I get over it? I'm JUST NOT SURE. 

Please can someone help me? What should I get?

Faye x 

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