Boots 'Feel Like New' and an Interview with Sophy Robson

 Although she started doing nails when I was still singing along to the Spice Girls, Sophy Robson  has been on my radar ever since she created the now famous 'Eek' nails for Giles Deacon in 2011.

Since then, the talented lady has worked with countless designers including Chanel, Topshop Unique, Henry Holland and Marc Jacobs. I was lucky enough to attend a Boots 'Feels Like New' event on Wednesday, and when I found out Sophy was going to be there doing nails, I got a little bit over excited! I decided to take the opportunity to see if she would answer a few nail questions for me, and happily she obliged.

Check out Sophy's amazing Chanel bracelet. She was also wearing a Chanel necklace- jealous!

When did you start doing nails?

Back in 1996- I actually remember writing about Wah! Nails before they were big!

Of all the many designers you've worked with, who is your favourite?

A tough question...Tom Ford is one as I love watching him at work- it's so interesting to see how he's developed his own brand, and he's the luxe master. I love Vivienne Westwood, who hasn't changed. She still rides her bike around London and will happily pose for photos! I also worked with Alexander McQueen before he died.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Mostly from my own head, and my NailPorn blog. Also fabric patterns, colours and Jeremy Scott's shows.

What are your favourite shades/polishes for spring/summer 2014?

I just did a post on my blog about this, so basically any of these colours.

Which is your favourite top coat?

Seche vite- it dries so quick and I can’t take risks with my work as top coat does such an important job.

Do you have a unique nail care tip?
Use larger cotton pads like these from Boots, they save on usage as you can use one pad for all nails. Soak a pad in polish remover and fold between thumb and forefinger so there's no contact with your actual nail. Also, an obvious one I've said a thousand times but no-one listens- always use base and top coat if you want your manicure to last!

How do you achieve long, strong nails?
Use a protein base coat- make sure you the follow instructions properly as each brand is different. Feed the nail with a moisturising oil-as the nail is porous it will soak it up like soil. Avoid exposure to water for a long time for the same reason, the water will be absorbed into the nail causing the polish to chip. So use rubber gloves when washing up!

What is your favourite and most hated nail art to create?

My most hated is probably galaxy or Cath Kidston type florals. Galaxy as it's so time consuming- I did it for Chanel, and as I obviously wanted to do it really well it took me ages! Florals just because they aren't really my style. At the moment I love lettering and clean lines, especially as not many nail artists can do them precisely.

What would you suggest every budding nail artist needs in their basic kit?

Dotting/Striping tools, a clean up brush like this one and mini blusher brush to do ombre nails.

What is your biggest nail no-no?

Putting polish on too thickly-thin coats are key.

Quick fire questions

Hands and feet- Match or Don’t Match?
I'd have to practice what I preach and say don’t match. My polish often stays on a lot longer on my toes than on my fingernails!

Chipped polish or No Polish?
No polish

Real nails or Acrylic?
Acrylic. I love long nails and they stay on longer. They’re everything!

Glossy or Matte?

Designer or High Street?

It depends- Tom Ford polishes are amazing, but then I recently did a job for Poundland! I wasn’t sure how it would pan out but it worked out great-I was amazed at the quality. I did three looks for them- one sophisticated, one matte/glossy and one ombre glitter.

Here is my Sophy Robson manicure:

Isn't it jsut perf- they look like stickers. I got so many compliments this week- I only wish I could pass it off as my own handiwork. Thanks so much Sophy! :)

As the idea of the event was to try new things, I also got my hair did. There was a choice between a side braid or tight slicked back pony and, not wanting to channel Sporty Spice (2nd Spice Girls reference in this post?!) I went for the plait:

 I didn't think I would be much of a fan cos my hairs not particulary long and thick, but I LOVED it. I especially love the way she made my parting more to the side and super messy. I even slept in it and wore it to work the next day! FYI, the products she used were this dry shampoo for texture, finished with this hairspray. I now want them both!

The lipstick in the above photo is a Seventeen lipstick that was in the goody bag. It's a lovely red/orange colour called Man Hunt, again I didn't expect to like it but was pleasantly surprised.

Thanks Boots- I definitely felt like new! 

Faye x


  1. Wow looks like you had such a great time - your hair looks lovely like that and those nails are giving me serious envy haha.


    Katy xx

    1. Thanks Katy- I just wish I could do the hair on myself! Definitely need to give it a go! xx