Arm Candy: My Favourite Bracelets

Stacking bracelets have been a blogger fave for years, particularly with a boyfriend watch. These are my top 5 bracelets to stack.

1. This lion is from ASOS, I got it for my birthday from my friend Hayley. I am a total sucker for anything with a big cat on, and I love that it's a skinny bracelet as the rest are fairly chunky. Sadly it is now going a bit bronze.

2. This was my mum's when she was younger, the clasp is a bit broken so I have to keep it together with a safety pin, but I love it nonetheless! 

3. This beaut is from Marc Jacobs- I got it from my friends at work when I left my last job. I was totally surprised and happy when I received it as I never expected it and it's so me! I miss those girls. Here's the bracelet in its full glory:

4. This spike bracelet is from Topshop, I think every blogger and their mum has got this bracelet- especially along with a chunky boyfriend watch! I remember I was so obssessed with this bracelet when I first got it, I bought about  5 of them so I could replace them easily as they were constantly sold out. Now they are super easy to get hold of. 

5. My watch is from River Island, and is obviously a complete copy of a Michael Kors one. I kinda wish it wasn't such an obvious dupe, but it was hard to find an affordable chunky watch that wasn't. Sadly the clasp has broken so I have to keep it done up with sellotape. Yep that's right, sellotape. 

I really do need a new one, but funds are low at the moment, and because I like to wear a watch everyday I don't have much choice. I would very much like to replace it with this one: 

 I love the simplicity, the white, the chunkiness. I'm normally not a diamante lover but I even love them. It just looks so fresh and crisp! If anybody is feeling generous, it's only £185 from ASOS

Faye x

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