Looks Loved: OCTOBER

I'm a bit late for favourites this month but they're still good ones!

First up is Sandra, who is making me feel cold with her bare leg and slip combo! Luckily she looks banging, loving the cute lace peeping out from the oversized Acne jumper and amazing multi strap shoes.

Love this simple Calvin Klein top and trousers as worn by Alison Williams. The sort of outfit you can only really wear if you're famous and don't have to do anything but get out of a chauffeur driven car and pose for the evening! Can you imagine wearing it day to day? It would be grey in about 5 minutes. Also digging the pop of orange. Pic from RCFA.

If you don't follow Angelica's blog, go over there immediately. So stylish it makes me hurt. Loving the red tartan on red jumper. Perfect casual winter outfit.

Last but not least, Karen who is again rocking the tartan, a really simple look this but I'm such a sucker for a white shirt, coat and straight leg trouser combo! 

Which is your fave?

Faye x

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