Chanel Lego Phone Case

When I finally gave in to Apple and got an iPhone this year, I was excited that I could at last get a pretty phone case. First of all I bought this one from Etsy which I loved in the picture, but was a bit disappointed with as it looked more cream that white in real life. Now I have one covered in silver gems, however they are all slowly turning black and getting scratched. Sad face. 

One of my friends in work came in this week with a new case for her phone, she was excited to show me cos she knew I would heart it as much as her...it was only a 'Chanel' Lego phone case! (I think I must go on about Chanel way too much in work, another friend from work bought me a drippy Chanel dress and some beaut Chanel earrings for my birthday...obviously not real)

She said she got it from Etsy (of course!) so obviously I had to go straight over and have a nosy...

Look how beautiful!

This is the colour my friend had, but they come in an array of shades, I just can't decide which is my favourite. I do know however that this will be the first thing that I will be buying when I get my next pay cheque! 

Are you a fan?

Faye x

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