Winter Boots Wishlist

So it's that time of the year again when i'm perving all over winter boots. I originally wanted some flat ones, but is it just me or are all flat boots these days a bit boring? I feel like mos of the boots I've got my eye on have at least a small heel.

I did buy these heeled chelsea boots from River Island the other day for the bargainous price of £38, but I'm just not sure...I feel like they look like wellies from the front.

 So I am currently debating whether to return these and get some alternatives. I've only got a budget of about £40 , or £60 if I get some in Topshop as I have a £20 voucher. Sadly however, no Topshop boots are currently taking my fancy.  

So here is my wishlist...some of which will sadly remain a wish as they are way out of my price range. Sadface.

1.ASOS Align- these are only £40...I like the simplicity of them but feel like maybe they would also look like wellies from the front. They would prob be pretty comfy though.

2. Billie by Tibi $495. In my shoe dreams! I really love these, they're so slick and would totally smarten up any outfit.

3. Zara boots- £99.99. Again, love the simplicity but the snakeskin makes them a bit different. 

4. Layer boots by Cheap Monday £110- I think these are my favourite. They remind me of Acne. I can only hope they go down in the sale. Tomorrow. At 90% off. 

5. Tricia by Missguided- £39.99. I think these are the ones I will prob end up going with, they are smart-ish yet still have quite a low heel. Only problems are a) I'm not sure how good the quality will be and b) I wish the hardware was gold.

Which would you go for? Please help me! 

Faye x


  1. these collection of Heels for Women is just perfect for winter fall!!

  2. loved the collection of high heel sandals and shoes...they really look stunning !!