Today I went to a photoshoot for the brand I'm interning with. It was a Christmas shoot for their girls' range, and the model was so sweet, she was the spitting image of a mini Cara Delevigne, right down to the eyebrows!

These shoes are just adorable...

I very much enjoyed the photoshoot. I love seeing how things work behind the scenes, and meeting the different people who are involved. 

Here is what I wore in more detail:

Shirt Vintage
Jeans Topshop
Brogues Matalan
Blazer Tesco
Necklace New Look
Satchel Primark

I am finally accepting it is Autumn, but I am not happy about it. I dislike tights and the darkness of the nights. (I didn't even realise that rhymed until I read it back to myself!).Wahhh. I will console myself with the thought of new boots and coats which I can't afford. Hooray. The stylist at the shoot today had a beautiful camel coat from Zara which I now want greatly. If I don't have it I think I might be a bit sick. 

Yesterday was my birthday, I celebrated by going to work. I had a nice evening though with my boyfriend and two of our friends, we had a delicious risotto followed by birthday cake and custard. Yum. My friend Hayley bought me a lush clutch bag from & Other Stories, it's a dark holographic material- I would like to carry it in the day time like I live in Paris. I will most prob look a bit stupid on the tube but I DON'T CARE. 

Faye x

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