What I've been wearing in June

What I've been wearing in June
All the things that didn't require a blog post of their own!

1.                                                                                    2.

1. An old-y but a good-y-Topshop dress from about 4 years ago. Trying out possible wedding guest outfits (I did not wear this in the end)

2. A work outfit- excuse the massive rip in my tights at the top of my leg. And the lighting at work is so rubbish!

3.                                                                           4.

3. Another work outfit- they are all monochrome-ish as I'm only supposed to wear black to work. But sometimes I sneak in a bit of white and grey (even leopard print)...Yolo.

4. Snakeskin and my new Zara gladiator sandals which I cannot get enough of. These leggings were a Topshop sale bargain bought when I worked in Bristol- I spotted them on a leg mannequin (which is, as it sounds, a mannequin of just a leg) and snapped them up as the rest had sold out.

5.                                                                        6.

5. One of my favourite work outfits :)

6. Technically this was taken yesterday but I'm including it in June because I'm wild. Vintage dress which I got at a jumble sale for 20p. It was down to my knees and had massive shoulder pads but my mum worked her magic!

Happy July :)

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