OOTD: Hen Party

Dress Charity Shop (taken up by my mum)
Sandals Zara
Jacket Primark
Bag Cambridge Satchel Company
Necklace Forever 21
Rings YSL/H&M

Sorry for the slightly crap quality of these photos, my boyf took them quickly as I was heading out the door to go to a hen do on Saturday, hence them featuring both a cat and a child. The cute little urchin is my boyfriend's nephew who he was looking after whilst his sister moved house. He is adorbs! 

So my Zara sandals came and visually they were everything I hoped and more. However, they were SO UNCOMFORTABLE. I mean wearing a new pair of extremely strappy sandals to walk around London from 11am to 3am is the best way to wear shoes in right? Haha, I suppose I've only really got myself to blame. I've got so many blisters, but I won't give up. 

The hen party itself was lots of fun, we did champagne glass decorating (I went for the more is more look), went for a delicious Greek meal (where my friend Hayley sat in some chewing gum and I used my quick-thinking managerial skills to remove it with some antibacterial hand gel) and then got down to some 80s V 90s tunes at the Jazz Cafe. If I had one complaint it would be way too much Bon Jovi, nowhere near enough *NSYNC. However I did purchase 2 drinks for £4.80. £4.80! Both myself and the barman thought he had made a mistake but apparently vodka, soda and lime is ridiculously cheap. Top tip for you there. 

I hope everyone had a fun filled weekend :) 


  1. You look lovely! That's a gorgeous dress x

    1. Thank you, I love finding things from the depths of my wardrobe :) x