Nail Polish Favourites: Blues

I heart nail polish. If there was a nail polish anonymous I would be there every week. 

Recently, I've been sporting a lot of blue polishes- I think they are really fresh for Spring and I think they suit my skin tone. Here are my favourite blue hues:

I think my favourite of all the above is Chelsea Physic Garden by Nails Inc- it's such a pretty, vibrant blue, almost a neon. This is closely followed by Miss Sporty's Pop Art which is a great dupe for Nails Inc's Baker Street, but at a snip of the price. 

Side note: Is it American to say 'nail polish' and English to say 'nail varnish'? When I was younger I always used to say nail varnish but I say nail polish more now, probably because most blogs and magazines tend to do so. Is saying nail varnish just really un-cool now? Also, on a side note to the side note why is everything now singular e.g. 'a red lip' 'a printed trouser' 'an ankle boot'? Sometimes I dislike fashion speak. Anyway, rant over haha! 

Do you like blue nail varnish for spring? 

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