OOTD: Mustard and leopard

Sorry about my totally miserable face- I clearly take outfit posts very seriously! 

Coat New Look
Cardigan charity shop
Shirt Uniqlo
Jeans Topshop
Boots River Island
Bag Cambridge Satchel Company
Chain antiques fair 
Scarf jumble sale 

As I continue to be very low on funds this month (renewing your passport sucks!) I have been raiding my wardrobe for items which have recently been neglected. I found this mustard cardigan which I bought from a charity shop about 2 years ago when visiting my sister in Cardiff. I love it with the leopard print scarf and tan bag, I think the colours complement each other well. Furthermore, I enjoy carrying my bag this way-maybe one day soon I'll actually wear it like this outside of my flat and not feel like a total div! 

Also, this outfit makes me happy because I managed to get my hair in a bun again! Regular readers of this blog will know that I had my hair cut recently and have been whining about it ever since. It's been growing on me recently (lol lol lol) though, and although the bun ring I have to use at the moment is significantly smaller than usual, it's progress. Hurrah! 

In beauty news, I tried the Sleek BB cream in 'light' for the first time. I'm unsure about it- on one hand I really liked how it made my skin look. It was sort of tanned/glow-y but not orange, the only other make up I wore was mascara and I still felt 'done'. On the other hand, I feel as if my face maybe looked kind of 'muddy' haha which is obviously not great, but blending it in with a stipling brush did help. The only other downside is that I think it made me break out. However this could be down to something else, to be honest my skin hates me at the moment. If anyone has any tips on how to control dry, spot prone skin (especially on the cheeks) please impart your wisdom! 


  1. Love the cardi, you look great!
    I'm following you back on bloglovin now sweetie!
    Looking forward to new posts.
    Love G xx


  2. such a gorgeous and easy :) lovely post :)


  3. I think the mustard cardigan and leopard print scarf work perfectly it's all about raiding your wardrobe and reworking what you already have.

  4. wow. mustard and leopard are a really good combo. i wasn't sure if they work together but it looks so beautiful on you.

  5. I love that cardigan, and it looks beautiful with the scarf! Lovely outfit :)