Boots Give it a Go Event

Yesterday I ventured into Piccadilly with my friend Becky to the Boots Give it a Go event. The idea of the day was to try new things, whether it's bright red lips or statement nails. The layout of the event was super cute, with cake pops and pic and mix a plenty (I definitely had a sugar-induced headache by the end of the day!)

I love how the sweets were nestled in this floral display! 

The event was split into 3 main sections- make up, nails and hair. We went to the lovely ladies at No7 first, who were demonstrating bright eyes or lips. As I wear lipstick quite regularly, I decided to go for a spring eye, and the make up artist applied a limey green all over my eyelids and finished it with a black eyeliner flick. I would never have picked the colour she chose for me but I actually loved it, it was subtle but so pretty and really popped:

Next up was nails. I do tend to try new things with my nails a lot, so I was keen to try something I hadn't before. Lindsay, the nail artist, had some gold wavy line stickers which were from a craft store, so she applied them to my nails- I went for nude with two pink accent nails. The idea was simple and so easy but looked really effective:

I love this design, I have genuinely not seen anything like it before and have definitely been inspired to go into craft stores for ideas. I was chatting to Lindsay about all the designers she has worked with at all the fashion weeks- pretty much everyone, from Vivienne Westwood to Marc Jacobs.  I was very jealous.  

Last but not least we went to have our hair did- as I've recently had my hair cut and really don't like it I was keen to see what the stylist would do. After talking through the spring 2013 hair trends with a lovely lady from Bumble & Bumble, I decided on a messy/wavy look. I loved the outcome, the stylist used quite a few products on my hair but it didn't feel heavy or weighed down, and held the style really well- even after walking to the tube on the way home in the rain! I learned that when applying a  product to the hair, it  needs to be brushed out afterwards to make sure it is distributed throughout the hair evenly-a great tip for someone who hardly brushes their hair anyway let alone brushes products through. The finished result has made me want to purchase everything the stylist used from Bumble  Bumble, and there's a Space NK about 2 minutes away from my work so my new found love could get expensive! 

Below is the best photo I have of my hair, it's not very clear though sorry.

This is what I wore to the event:


Jacket Primark
T shirt Topshop
Scarf Jumble Sale
Jeans Topshop
Boots River Island
Necklace Primark

I had such a good time, everyone was so friendly and I learned some excellent new tips and tricks which I will definitely be incorporating into my spring and summer looks! Thanks so much to Boots for putting on such a great even and to Becky for inviting me.

To participate yourself, head over to Let's give it a go and try something new for Spring. 


  1. Looks like a great event, the nails are super cool and I love your hair and outfit!

    1. Thank you. It really was such a cool event, probably the best I've been to :)

  2. Looks like such a great ivent! Hope you had a great time!
    Wanna follow each other on gfc and bloglovin? Let me know!

  3. The set up of this event looks so cool! And I have to say that I am digging your green eyeshadow and that Primark necklace :)

    Be great if you could check out my latest camouflage & monochrome outfit post here

    Thanks! Charlie xx LurchHoundLoves.com | UK Fashion Blog

    1. It was so cute! Thank you :) I will definitely check out your post. xx

  4. Your nails look amazing! Great event!
    I saw your post on the Company Magazine forum.
    Would love to follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know with a comment and I always follow back.
    Love from London.
    Love G xx


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