Style Icons: Miroslava Duma

Miroslava Duma first came to my attention about 5 years ago, when I ripped a picture out of Grazia-she was wearing a black dress with a brown knotted belt. I cannot find the picture anywhere on the internet but I remember it was stuck up on my mirror for a good 2 years. Back then I had no idea who she was. Now of course she is the darling of street style-you can't move during fashion week without seeing her face!

She is one of my favourites as I love how she can take the 'it' item of the season and make it her own (see: Balenciaga space jumper). I appreciate her love of huge statement necklaces and her vast collection of platforms. Things that I never thought would look good she makes covetable (see: brown leather dungarees) and she can really work a print!

She is quite the style chameleon, she doesn't tend to have a failsafe 'look' and stick to it. For this reason I have organised some of my favourite Miroslava looks into categories for your viewing pleasure.




Print Queen

Clean and Simple

I think Miroslava is such a style icon because she's always so confident in her own choices- it's a cliché but she really does wear the clothes rather than let the clothes wear her. 

All images from Google. 

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