Review: MUA Fur Effects

I got my hands on the MUA fur effects for nails, which are a dupe of the Ciate velvet manicure

They retail at only £2 each and come in 5 colours (that's how many I've seen anyway), all with adorable names like 'Fluff and Cuddles' and 'Boo boo Fluff'. I went for 'Fluffy Puff', mainly because it reminded me of this jumper from Lana Del Rey's collection for H&M, which I wanted but for some reason never bought:

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The instructions say to apply two thin coats of polish, and then to shake the fur into the lid before pressing the nail in, making sure it's all covered.

I decided to use a Model's Own pink because it was a good colour match for the 'Fluffy Puff' fur.

However, I found it difficult to press my nails into the fur on the lid, as in order to get the whole nail covered it needs to roll back and forth in the fur, and the edges of the lid made this tricky. Instead I sifted some of the fur onto a bit of newspaper instead:

A flat surface made it much easier to roll the nail fully. (TIP: Use a plain white sheet of paper for this as I think a bit of grey from the newsprint transferred onto the fur) 

My first attempt wasn't great! 

I think this was due to me rolling my nails in clumps of fur that were sticking together. It works better if you make sure the fur your are sifting out is fine. Also, let the nails dry for about 10-20 seconds before pressing them in the fur or the nail colour underneath will just rub off when you roll the nail to coat it (as you can see on my ring finger in the photo above). 

My second attempt was better (ignore the thumb):

I think the MUA fur effect nails look  really cute-they do look just like a mohair jumper and this manicure would look amazing with a Nails Inc black leather accent nail. I want to try them again using a brush (I reckon an eyeshadow brush would work) as I think this would make the process much easier and less messy. I also want to try the darker colours as I think the fur effect would stand out more- especially in the electric blue.

A bargain for £2- I would definitely recommend this product!  

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