OOTD: Ikea!

My wardrobe has been in desperate need of organisation for a long long time, and we needed a few other home-y  bits so on Saturday we decided to trot along to good ol' IKEA.

Jacket Primark
Jumper New Look (very old!)
Shirt Uniqlo
Jeans Topshop
Necklace H&M
Shoes Topshop
Nails Miss Sporty 23

I like how this outfit is pretty casual but a has smarter element with the mix between the sweatshirt and the shirt.My boyfriend disliked the top as he thought it looked like 'an old jumper you found in New Look ten years ago'. Which it is! Haha, I do see where he's coming from but I am still a big fan of this combo. 

Since you ask, the IKEA trip was very successful. Thrillingly, I have divided my underwear into sections using some handy canvas box type things, we have a glorious plant for the living room and a bright red clock.

After IKEA we went to Selfridges as I wanted to exchange my Cambridge Satchel Company bag for an all over tan coloured one. Sadly, they didn't have it in stock in the size I wanted. I couldn't get a refund so I got a Selfridges voucher instead. I do still really want the bag so I'm either gonna wait and see if it comes back in stock, or possibly get some boots from Topshop instead. 

I considered getting a Neon satchel, I like them a lot but i'm just not sure I will in 2 years, and it is expensive for a short term investment. Decisions, decisions! 

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  1. love how easy this otufit is! great nail varnish!