December/January Haul

I've picked up a few bits and bobs in the past two months, so thought I would share:

Checked jumper- Topshop £20
Gold leggings Primark £3 
Hat Topshop £25
PVC pencil skirt H&M £7
Belt Topshop £20
Nail polish '3D' Topshop £6
Rings H&M £3.99
Flower necklace Primark £8
Spike Necklace New Look £5.99

I am unsure about the pencil skirt as it does slightly resemble a bin bag. However I really liked it on the mannequin when it was full price so when I saw it for half price I couldn't resist. I might still take it back...

Obsessed with this floral necklace from Primark. It's a great dupe for prada and really makes an outfit. The spike necklace I saw on my sister over Christmas and basically just copied her.  

Love these plain different sized gold rings from H&M- so much so that I bought them in small and medium just in case (you can never tell how they will fit in the shop). If in doubt I always go for the bigger size as with most rings you can just wind some sellotape round the back to make them fit! A bit gutted however because about a week before buying these, I ordered these from Etsy which I purchased previously but are now too rusty to wear. Oh well, you can never have too many plain gold rings is what I always say.

This nail polish is ammmazzinngg. It's a holographic glitter which does need about 5 layers to look solid but it's worth it. I have a photo on my Instagram (iwishicouldwink) if you want to see it on the nails!

Dress ASOS £25 

I imagined a polo necked skater dress in my head about 5 months ago and have been obsessed with finding one ever since, so I had to get this when I spied it on ASOS. It looks a bit rubbish on the hanger but much better/more flattering on. Rubbish/cringe-y phone pic to demonstrate:

Coat New Look £22

In November I left my Topshop coat on the train and was GUTTED especially as it cost £85. As a replacement I bought this New Look coat in the sale. I ordered a 10 but was sent a 12 which was super annoying, so I went on a mad rush during my lunch break trying to locate the only one left in London! I like this coat, it's not my favourite but it was a mega bargain and will do for the remaining winter months. 

That's it for my haul. I've know I've missed stuff out-I've just thought of at least 2 things I have forgotten to include but I'm sure they will crop up in outfit of the day soon.

 I'm looking forward to February payday now so I can chip away at my ever increasing 'saved items' list on ASOS!


  1. love this post :) gorgeous outfit :) where is the chain necklace from in the outfit post with the new dress? looking fab!

    1. Thank you :) the necklace is from river island, it's really old tho. They have some really nice similar looking ones by gogo Philip which is sold in topshop xx

  2. Hey Faye, thanks for your sweet comment!
    I don't have a reply option on my blog so I'm going to answer here, haha. This was the first time I tried the drippy galaxy myself, but as soon as I practised the design more and more people are asking for a tutorial, I'll try and do one. If you have other suggestions for tutorials or designs, hit me up!

    Love your blog by the way, instant follow!

    1. Can't believe that was your first attempt, it looks amazing! I would love to see some more designs with glitter as they are among my favourites. Thank you for the follow :) xx

  3. omgosh i have that nail varnish too and it is uhmazing! and that dress is so cute!

    hope you'll visit back

    1. Isn't it? Thank you, I'm gonna check your blog out right now :) x

  4. You'll have to do a outfit post of you wearing the PVC skirt as I'm intrigued to see how it'll look on. I need to get a hat myself, but I suffer from 'pea head' syndrome which means most men's hats don't fit me. I found a pork pie hat in Topman that kind fit but I was umming and aahhing about it. I'm still not sure tbh... lol

    1. I ended up taking back the PVC skirt, it just didn't look right unfortunately :( Aww get the pork pie hat it sounds cute! I know what you mean though, any hats that aren't for cold weather seem like a real fashion statement.

  5. Faye, that New Look coat is amazing! If you ever want to sell it let me know! Love the jumper in this post and the black dress looks really nice! x


    1. Aw thank you :) They might still have that coat in a Bristol New Look, probably for even cheaper! x